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Integrated Gerontology Program

The purpose of the program is to educate mental health professionals in psychoanalysis and psychotherapy with senior adults. This program will focus on understanding concepts such as transference, countertransference, induced countertransference, resistance, character, in senior adults, and will show how the sensitive use of these concepts can promote change in seniors. Integrated Gerontology Program candidates participate in weekly supervision throughout the program and accrue 150 hours of treatment with seniors. Candidates will be required to be currently working with seniors. Additional patients will be available through the Psychotherapy Referral Service.

Certification is granted upon completion of course work and participation in the Tutorial Review, in which the candidate studies a particular gerontology psychoanalytic concept in depth with a senior analyst.


Candidates hold a minimum of a Master's degree in mental health or related field (and license when required) and are currently working with seniors. Additional patients will be available through the Psychotherapy Referral Service.

Course Schedule

Candidates in the Gerontology Program (G) take core courses along with candidates in the Adult Program (P) and add specialization courses in gerontology analytic therapy. Candidates in the Integrated Gerontology program who wish to exercise the option of continuing study in the Adult Program can proceed with seamless transition.

Each semester comprises 20 weeks. During each semester two Gerontology courses will be held on alternate Tuesdays from 8:30pm until 9:30pm, following the Adult Psychoanalytic course which begins at 6:30pm.

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Information for all courses offered by The Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies:

ADA accommodations:

If a candidate requires ADA accommodations, please contact Nicole E. Grace at or 201-803-9193.

Course Completion Requirements:

Candidates are required to attend all classes offered, as evidenced by signing in and out, complete all assigned readings, participate in class discussion and complete a course evaluation


A candidate may request a certificate from the director of administration after the course is completed. The certificate will be mailed to them within two weeks of the course completion.


If a faculty member, administrator or trainee wishes to complain about any of the Institute's practices or programs or is in conflict with someone at the Institute, they may take the following steps to seek resolution:

  1. Try to resolve the issue with the individual or individuals responsible or with whom they are in conflict.
  2. If this fails, try to resolve the issue by seeking the help of their supervisor.
  3. If this fails, they may file a formal complaint in writing, including email, to the President, Dean or the Director of Administration, any of whom should try to resolve the issue directly through consultation or mediation with the party or parties involved or by calling a Training Committee meeting.
  4. New Jersey social workers not pleased with a grievance resolution provided by the Institute for Psychoanalytic Studies, Inc. may appeal to the approving entity or their jurisdictional board.
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